We Accept Your Health Insurance

United Care Family Medical Center accepts health plans from most insurance carriers, including those listed below. If you don't see your provider on our list, just give us a call and ask if we take your plan. We are also proud participants of the Affordable Care Act/Covered California. If you are interested in becoming covered under the Affordable Care Act/Covered California or Medical, we have a Community Health Access Specialist who is happy to get your process started.

For more information on how we can help get your process started for programs like Medi-cal and Covered California, please feel free to call one of our clinics or explore the link provided for more details.

  HMO PPO Accept
Care More
Blue Cross
Blue Shield
Health Net
Citizens Choice
Community Health Plan
South Atlantic
Good Sam

No Insurance? Don't worry.

Coming to see us doesn't have to break your budget. Give us a call and make an appointment, or simply walk in whenever you want to see one of our providers. Whether you need a complete physical exam, blood work, vaccines, prescription or refill, referral for a specialist, or just want to address a specific concern, we can make it happen.

For our cash paying patients we offer a special discounted price of $60 for your initial visit and can happily write you a prescription as needed.

With your initial visit, for only $30, we offer a 14-day follow-up policy. Here's how it works: if you are not getting better after one of our providers initially sees you, you can return for as many rechecks for the same illness within 14 days. This allows us to make sure that you are on the right track to getting better. If one of our practitioners determines that you have an illness that requires more advanced care than we can provide, we will help find the right specialist for you.

If you want to save time and avoid a last minute trip to the urgent care, United Care offers discounted cash specials on numerous medical procedures and services. Come see us for minor cuts, lacerations, scrapes and other aches. Check out our fee schedule for all of our cash deals. If you have questions on any of the listed prices please call us, we are happy to help.

Fee Schedule

Service Price
Primary care (office visit)- Initial visit $60
Primary care- First follow up visit $30
Complete physical exam for female- Includes comprehensive blood labs and pap smear $200
Complete physical exam for female without a pap smear $150
Complete physical exam for male-Includes comprehensive blood labs $150
Pregnancy test $10 or free with FPACT qualification
HIV/STI screening Free with FPACT qualification
Pap smear $60 or free with FPACT qualification
Ingrown toenail removal-Partial $200 + office visit
Ingrown toenail removal- Complete $250 + office visit
Incision and Drainage $150-$350 (size dependent) + visit office
Knee joint injection $150 + office visit
Shoulder joint injection $150 + office visit
Skin tag removal $50-$100 (quantity dependent) + office visit
Sutures $200-$400 (laceration size dependent) + office visit
Dermabond $250
Stitch removal $20-$65 + office visit
Ear lavage $35 + office visit
H. pylori screening- Breath test $120 + office visit
DMV physical and form $120 + office visit
School/Work/Sports/DMV documents $25
B-12 shot $25
EKG $55