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Women's Health

At UCFMC we acknowledge that there are many different phases of a woman’s life cycle. Many of these phases are complex interactions that exist between biological changes, physiological changes, and emotional issues.

“Women’s Health” refers to specific health issues, which concern the female anatomy. Examples of the most common issues that we see at our clinic include contraception, menstruation, pregnancy, childbirth, breast/cervical cancer, infertility and menopause.

UCFMC believes in offering holistic care, while striving to create a safe and caring environment for our female patients. We offer treatment for medical, physical, biological and emotional conditions. Our well-equipped primary care practitioners are available for confidential discussions pertaining to issues like postpartum blues, gender-differentiation/identification, eating disorders and domestic abuse.

  • Contraception
  • Diaphragm Fitting
  • OB/GYN Care
  • Hormone Replacement
  • IUD Insertions/Removal
  • Menopause
  • Pap Smears
  • Pre-Natal Care
  • Colposcopy