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Welcome to our Minute Care Clinic

convenient, same-day service

Can't get a same-day appointment with your doctor? Need a quick medication refill? Fighting an allergy attack? Stop by our Minute Care Clinic for minor illnesses and injuries, vaccinations, skin treatments, weight loss advice and more. We are delighted to offer quick services for your everyday medical concerns.

Practitioners who specialize in family health care, pediatrics, and gynecology, staff our walk-in Minute Care Clinics. We care for children and adults, every day with no appointment needed. However, if you would like to make an appointment with our Minute Care Clinic that option is available to you: just scroll down, choose the one service you would like to come in for, and fill out the information.

Oh, and good news...to make sure you are in-and-out in a minute, we are cash only!

service categories

  • minor illnesses strep, colds, flu.
    • allergies$6018 months and up
    • bladder infection$6018 months and up
    • cold$6018 months and up
    • cough or bronchitis$6018 months and up
    • earache/swimmer's ear$6018 months and up
    • ear wax removal$602 years and up
    • flu-like symptoms$6018 months and up
    • itchy eyes$6018 months and up
    • early lyme disease$6018 months and up
    • mono$6018 months and up
    • nasal congestion$6018 months and up
    • pink eye$6018 months and up
    • sinus symptoms$6018 months and up
    • sore throat/strep throat/laryngitis$6018 months and up
    • swimmer's ear$6018 months and up
    • urinary tract infection$6018 months and up
  • skin treatments rash, cold sores, blisters, wart treatment.
    • acne$6012 years and older
    • athlete's foot$6018 months and up
    • chicken pox$6018 months and up
    • cold & canker sores$6018 months and up
    • eczema/dry skin$6018 months and up
    • impetigo$6018 months and up
    • lice$6018 months and up
    • poison ivy or poison oak$6018 months and up
    • rash$6018 months and up
    • ringworm$6018 months and up
    • scabies$6018 months and up
    • shingles$6018 months and up
    • skin infection$6018 months and up
    • styes$6018 months and up
    • wart treatment$6018 months and up
  • minor injuries burns, cuts, bruises.
    • bruise/minor abrasion$6018 months and up
    • burns (minor)$6018 months and up
    • insect bite or sting$6018 months and up
    • splinter removal$6018 months and up
    • stitch/staple removal$6018 months and up
    • wound check$6018 months and up
  • vaccinations tetanus, pneumonia, HPV.
    • hepatitis A (hep A)11 years and up
    • hepatitis B (hep B)11 years and up
    • hepatitis A/B (Twinrix)18 years and up
    • human papilloma virus (hpv)11 - 26 years
    • influenza (flu) - seasonal flu shot 3 years and up
    • influenza (flu) - flumist® needle-free flu vaccine 2 - 49 years
    • influenza (flu) - quadravalent flu vaccine 18 months and up
    • influenza (flu) - high-dose 65 and up
    • meningitis (meningococcal (mcv4))11 - 55 years
    • pneumonia (pneumococcal)11 years and up
    • polio18 years and up
    • shingles vaccine prescription (MD, NC and FL only)50 years and up
    • tetanus/diphtheria (td)11 years and up
    • tetanus/diphtheria/pertussis (tdap)10 years and up
    • typhoid2 years and up
  • wellness & other services blood pressure, camp and sports physicals.
    • blood pressure check$6018 months and up
    • camp physical$604 - 25 years
    • cholesterol screening$6018 months and up
    • epi pen refill prescriptions$6018 months and up
    • health screen$6020 years and up
    • pregnancy test$6018 years and up, or with parental consent
    • sports physical$604 - 25 years
    • travel health check$6011 years and up
    • Motion Sickness$602 years and older
    • tuberculosis testing$6018 months and up
    • Vitamin B12 Injection$6018 years and older