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TB Test

At school enrollment, all kindergarten participants and students grades 1-12 are required to have a Tuberculin test (TB). Students must provide written documentation of a TB test using the Mantoux technique, which is provided at our clinic. Kindergarten entrants are required to have a TB test one year before starting the first day of school. School age students are required to have a TB test taken every year. In order to be up to date and on schedule for your child’s TB test make sure you are aware of all your child’s enrollment dates, and set aside 3 business days for the process.

When should a TB test be checked?

After receiving the TB Test at our clinic, one of our staff members will give each patient a reminder of when to come back and have the test read. The skin should be examined after 48 hours (2 days) of receiving the injection. After the results are read and documented, you will receive the proper paperwork to return to your child’s school.